Zack Schuch


zack schuch
zack schuch

Zack Schuch's passion for sportfishing traces back to his childhood, where he fostered a deep love for the outdoors through memorable fishing expeditions with his father and grandfather. Schuch loved to walk the docs and look at all the boats, and this early connection with fishing ignited a lifelong interest that led him to purchase his own fishing boat in 2015.

After The General set sail, Schuch ventured into the charter business in 2017, providing others the opportunity to share in his love for angling. He built out a strong team of expert sportfisherman, and by 2018, he embraced the competitive side of sportfishing. Schuch and his crew entered several tournaments, making their mark in the fishing community.

Since 2016, Schuch has been a consistent participant in the prestigious Big Rock Tournament, showcasing his skills to a grand audience. Additionally, his achievements include an impressive track record in the Swansboro Rotary Bluewater Tournament, where he and his team placed 6 out of 6 times.